Children’s TV

We are so thrilled to tell you about our latest progress on our upcoming children’s TV/web series project! Based on the characters and adventures from my children’s books, this series follows the adventures of three children from a young immigrant family who explore the world of music, building up math skills and knowledge about sciences in a fun, imaginative and heartwarming musical adventure.

Right now we are looking for animators to help us turn our 10 min animatic into a proof of concept pilot. Please send portfolios to studio at goncarova dot com if you are interested in being a part of the team at this phase!!

Here is a 20 sec clip of an animatic (a rough draft in cartoon form). Please forgive my rubbish drawing skills- I am definitely not an animator myself and hat’s off to anyone who is…

We will be blogging about our progress as we go, so if you’d love to know more, please subscribe to get the latest updates and share in our successes!

So-So and Lina listen to Abba try out a new homemade banjo, made from stuff from around the house! Problem is, it slides in and out of tune. A running gag in the show is that each time someone plays music out of tune, the neighborhood dogs start barking, annoying Caruso the cat to no end.