Shifting Reality

YouTube’s algorithms know me better than I know myself. My Doomscroll menu consists of late night news commentary shows, an assortment of escapist homesteading channels served with a dollop of temper-tantrum- throwing huskies and german shepherds watching babies sleep.

And then I see videos for meditations on shifting reality. And quicker than I can say ‘Yes please,’ I’ve clicked on the video and am scrolling through the comments, spending 12 minutes trying to gauge if watching the 10-minute video is worth my time.

Meditation has come a part of my routine over the years, although I am not always consistent. It’s always at the top of the To-Do list, but doesn’t always get crossed off. I aim to be more consistent, as with everything. But it is one of many tools in my tool kit in my ongoing fight against anxiety and depression. At best it keeps it at bay, but not always.

What I’m trying to work on is creating habits, shooting for tiny goals each day.

Are the shifting reality meditations any different than the power of positive thinking meditations? Have you had any experience with these? Have they helped you curb your anxiety and/or depression? Have you seen changes in your life since you’ve tried them? Let me know in the comments section.

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