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Here is my latest ASMR video! This is a bit of an experiment for me… I’m combining footage in different ways to illustrate how flashes of memory would look if it were on film, using techniques like 2 sec shots, fading to white and (sometimes) black, shaky camera footage, and a filter that darkens the edges. I think if these work, then I can use these techniques for an upcoming film with new-music composer Louise Campbell and experimental filmmaker Mary Williamson about dementia, loss of memory, and preservation of self despite loss of memory.

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Are you an author looking to create a short film to promote your book on YouTube? Need help visualizing, or bringing your ideas to light? Drop me a message telling me about yourself, your book, and your ideas for the video, and let’s create something gorgeous together!

I am also pleased to offer a variety of services for authors looking to self publish. You can learn more about them here. Let me know what have been your greatest challenges with self publishing in the comments below.

xoxo from Montreal

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