Abba writes you a letter

This ASMR video features some letters and poems from my upcoming book Harnessing Light, blended over a relaxing soundscape of rain falling on a tin roof. The sound and video footage was from Heartroot Farm in Audet, Quebec, about 18 km from Lac Megantic.

In my mind I wasn’t sure how the spoken-word, the nature sounds, and the videography would all fit together, so this piece was a bit of a test– a challenge for myself to see how to pull all of these seemingly disparate parts of my art practice together.

For over two years I have used ASMR videos in order to focus, relax and sleep deeply, even though this was before I knew what ASMR was or what it stood for. I’ve been using meditations to help rewire neural pathway ruts, as I call them, as part of my own healing process. I love listening to the sounds of nature, fire, wind, rain… and notice that it has an immediate effect on my well-being. I am able to focus immediately on whatever task is at hand, or when I put them on before bed, I sleep deeply and wake up refreshed. I don’t know why it works– but I’m sure millions of years evolution has had a hand in hardwiring us to feel happier and at peace when immersed the sounds of nature. Ultimately, we are children of the Earth, so how could it not?

I remember reading during my Reiki training how plant tissue grows faster in the presence of certain music–sounds that are in the frequency range of bird song. Makes sense to me! I wonder if tissue growth for humans–or healing in general–could be enhanced by being in the presence of certain frequencies? What would it sound like? Would the sounds register somewhere in the frequencies of water trickling, ocean waves crashing shore, a voice whispering, reading or telling stories, humming or singing, fire crackling, bird song, the sound of wind on the hills? What if hospitals had spaces dedicated to these healing sounds? I wonder what difference it would have on the healing and the well-being of patients?

What is your experience with sound therapy as part of your own healing journey, whether it be physiologically, mentally, or spiritually? What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Interesting post. I have contemplated listening to either the sounds of the forest or slow-falling rain. As is the case with most endeavors though, one must actually try it and continue doing it for there to be any subsequent benefit. Sounds to me like I should get my act in gear. Thanks for sharing.

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