Xoxo from Montreal

Hi, I’m Sarah Beth, friends call me Esbie, my nieces call me Abba. I’m a practicing artist now making a home Montreal, Quebec, after traveling the world, writing, meeting new friends, listening to their stories. My book Harnessing Light is a collection of letters and poems from my travels abroad.

My art practice includes painting, environmental installation art, writing, spoken word, building soundscapes. I do graphic design, editing and layout design for a living. My training is in music, sculpture, architecture permaculture and teaching English. For me, making ASMR videos bridge all of these different practices, so it seems like a very natural progression.

You can check out some of my ASMR videos here!

I am of the mind that a rising tide raises all ships, and I believe firmly in the power of the butterfly effect. I think that is why I am starting this blog… in the hope that my ideas that surface here might spur on others that manifest into others and others and so on… I’d love to connect with new friends and hear your stories. Are you a maker, doer, thinkers, mover and shaker? Tell me about yourself, your passion projects, your thoughts and ideas….


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